"Reworked (Reverted) Rengar- Lines (and maybe animations)

Hey, whats up guys. Im coming freshly from the PBE after replaying the rengo with his new/old Q. I did this a lot recently, to get back into the comb, but i gotta say something is really disturbing me. It is so irritating, hearing his lines that he used to say when he stacks up his old bonetooth necklace. The one with 20 stacks on kills/assists. Like "What a glorious hunt!" Outto nowhere with 0 reason after I just got a Gromp to half HP. I am completly fine with his old lines from the BTN, but pls: Make him say it after he receive a stack or something. As long as it makes sense. It is kinda irritating. Im about to get used to the new Q animation, but still miss the good old "Ramming my knife into you bro"-Thing. The Change on the ult is acceptable for me tho, I always disliked the Free-Rightclick Crit. I mean it could also work using the old Q animation for full stacks and the new for gathering stacks. Sincerly yours, a boosted ape with no name
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