Problem with AR URF

Riot changed urf to all random to so they can stop people from picking the same picks every game .OK i dont mind change but today that i played like 20 urf games i legit got 5-6 champs every game. sivir syndra maokai quinn corki noct ziggs and lucian so can we get 3 rerolls every time we play urf? i mean i like playing as noct or even maokai but after getting them 3-5 times it gets a bit annoying especially quinn and corki( i rerolled quinn 6 times in just 1 day like wtf) .I legit play the same champs over and over again atleast without the ar i would enjoy playing rengar or jhin 24/7 but now i get to play champs that i havent played for ages over and over again, i had people dodging cuz they got the same champs every game so since we are going to have this lovely mode for the whole month can we increase the chances of getting other champs? and btw theres games that are just unwinnable and what i mean by that?i got a full ap team or no tank team or and the enemy gets 3 supps like zilean and soraka with malph and i get 0 supps thats a problem too.You know if you are going to win at the loading screen.
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