Revert Aatrox.

I miss old Aatrox. Don't get me wrong I like the new one as well, but he's got noting to do with old Aatrox. New Aatrox could've been a new champion instead of a rework. There's nothing left from old Aatrox anymore with a removal of his ultimate revive passive. I can see 1 counter argument that revival passive was not important even to the old Aatrox. The old Aatrox was all about healing auto attacking, his passive was more of a tool. And I agree with that, but the new Aatrox does not have that. So the removal of his old passive is basically deleting the old Aatrox from the game completely. Another counter argument I can see would be that old Aatrox was in really bad state, he was way too hard to balance, and he wasn't played by people that much. I would disagree because first off all a good character's design should not be decided by popularity especially in the game where meta slaves are more seen than people playing what they actually like. Secondly New Aatrox got a ton of changes already. There were some people that enjoyed old Aatrox. Also I don't like the way new Aatrox look's like. He looks like high school dropout with low IQ and he has way too much muscles. His old design was nice and soft. You can see that he's really powerful and yet he seemed to be graceful, well mannered, You knew everything he does (kills) was for a reason and it wasn't really trying selfishly to satisfy himself. Perfect design for a warlord. Everyone liked the old Aatrox I'm not sure why would change him like that. Right now he looks like cringey warrior trying to show off how good he is. He calls himself the world ender, is this character made by 12 year old? HOW THE %%%% THIS RESEMBLES OLD AATROX? Right now he's like Old Aatrox on drugs. Old Aatrox had really nice quotes and his voice was quite nice even if it did not matched his theme or looks. Right now he's talking like oh I will kill you! old Aatrox would say that I will kill you and your death will have meaning in this world. You see the difference? Riot basically thinks that people only liked Aatrox for his looks not for his gameplay or personality which was really great, so they decided to focus only on 1 aspect and other things to throw away. I would compare this to the Final Fantasy VS XII and Final Fantasy XV situation to be honest. New Aatrox can say something like: "Do you see my edge?! Your death awaits." The old one would say: "Honor will not save them, Violence is elegance". Just from these quotes u can understand what these characters are all about. In conclusion, New Aatrox is reworked by Epic games not Riot games. I just miss old Aatrox, the new one delivers literally nothing what old Aatrox has. Thanks for reading.
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