Please Please Please Bring Back COIN for SUPPORTS, or just bend us over some more.

Season 9 was VILE but hey at least I could have some kind of build path and impact with map awareness and vision. Season 10.. lets open the map up even more, provide less vision and destroy support build paths and gold generation.. the only champion that feels like benefited from this INSANE change is your NEW beloved {{champion:235}} with {{item:3864}}. So.. now you talk about "Meta", well you are bending us Support mains over and it's certainly not consensual! But I hereby now have had a MASSIVE epiphany of what vision "ha get it VISION" you have for Supports in Season 10!.. you have removed "EXP Gains to" so.... since we are not really a ROLE, I figured you want us to be running WARDS, so now we can provide the BEST VISION for our whole team, so we better not get punished or reported for running around as {{champion:53}} or {{champion:432}} with {{item:3117}} 10 levels lower than everyone else, because we will be offering our team the best kind of strategy VISION... we are RUNNING WARDS! Bring back coin or we might as well turn the Support into doing just that. Many Thanks for bringing this very healthy concept into the game. I Myself will be doing this every game (gives my adc SOLO xp ) Cheers.
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