Yummi plays ain't be noticed.

Every time I play {{champion:350}} and does a super sick outplay on the enemy team together my my adc, my adc will think I didn't do anything and She just happen to have full HP all fight, also having tons of movement speed cause Heal obviously gives you a 5 second speed increase. Sorry, I'm not saying that {{champion:350}} is an invisible champion. She is defiantly extremely strong in the right hands. Just for some bragging I have only played 15 games with her and already got S+ 4 times, S 1 times and S- 7 times. Basically every time I win the game I get an S- or higher on {{champion:350}} and I feel I been playing godlike on her. Perfectly jumping on in the middle of a fight within a safe position to get an passive of to then jump on an ally who needs help and help them survive healing when they are on 30% less HP to get Healing Boost and making the enemy think they can kill their target, only to see 2 Soraka heals in 1 target and getting completely baited and then getting 5 man R'd by {{champion:350}} and destroyed by maybe only the target she is sitting on. Easy 2vs5 scenario and even if the adc is extremely bad maybe only a lvl 20 player (which I had) I can still completely destroy my opponent. Overall {{champion:350}} is such a god champion, literary. If God was a champion she would be the perfect champion for it. Literary does the things gods do in real life, helps you, enlighten you, put miracles on you and some times even punishing those injustice. **BUT YET, NO ONE FREAKING CARES** "Oh I died, freaking Yummi jumped off me for some reason after she used her 2 heals on me, I don't get it but its obviously Yummi's fault that I died" or "Yummi did a play? Yummi is a babyhugger, there's no one such a thing exist" "Yummi, I know you got 80 wards put out every hour, but you need to act more like a support and help your adc even if she's afk below turret and rage typing" "Yummi why did you jump on me the enemy team now started focusing me you freak". This is every game I'm playing in, even with 100% KP, 25 stacks on Mejai's and 4/1/30 score, Yummi will still get flamed from stuff that she is either the most useless champion in the game or that she is x reason for one's death. All plays 1 Yummi, does makes the credit go to the adc and that the adc did everything 1vs2 or 1vs5, they never look at the once next to them and the one who actually work for the best. In my opinion, Yummi might be the only champion in the game that get flamed this way. I played Utility supports before, champions like Zilean and Bard. With these 2 champions never ever once has I been flamed cause I forgot to speed someone up, doing nothing in fights or being completely useless. But in games with Yummi I get such comments constantly even if I am was the reason we won the fight. For example Keeping a Vi who did suicide mode alive for enough long for the team to come and help her, yet she flames me for not helping her stay alive, if it was a Zilean I would have been honored for saving the Vi's life, Or a Bard Q and some Bard heals to make her stay alive. But not for Yummi, oh hell no. Ally stays alive but got caught and almost died = Yummi didn't do anything except sitting on her shoulder. So many outplays done, and I get flamed for a "near-death" from my ally.
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