Solo Q rank sistem

i was in my promos for G2, and troll player pick a troll champ in bot lane, and he said that he dosent give a sht for it !!!! ofc i dodge the game cuz i dont whant to plat with troll pick just because he dosent give a fck abouth other players !!! After i dodge i conect again and they say to me " because u left your promos has ended " cmon is that fair ? Ok i agree i dodge and i need a punishment 5,10-15 min. OK !!! but my promos are gone ? Why that is not fair, now i cant report the player or show a screenshot cuz the game dosent remeber that ! is this rly what RIOT whants, to tilt people just because they dont whant to play with 10-12 year old kids who dosent give a fck for the game ! i love this game, and i love to play it !! But this is ridicilous !
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