Why is riot even buffing Yuumi

literally every single champion at release has a bad winrate in the beginning because people still need to figure out their matchups and how to play them properly, not only that, people also pick them on any role so the winrate is inaccurate all the time what i don't get is that riot didn't even hesitate to buff yuumi with 10 DIFFERENT BUFFS and hotfix it. literally the same patch yuumi was released they gave her 10 different buffs??? what??? she's a SAFE enchanter who can heal and shield her allies without having to worry about putting themselves in danger, literally every other enchanter needs to be wary of their surroundings and positioning, and often put themselves in danger. but yuumi can do that entire thing SAFELY and poke from a distance, not only that, her Q is almost impossible to dodge when you don't have minions to block it currently in high elo she's either picked or banned. Riot balance team, my question is, why?
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