How important are rune choices?

Hello everyone I have been a support player for quite some time now, coming back to league after a long 1-2 year break. I usually prefer to play defensive support champions like Janna and I usually build my supports quite tanky (I played before the new rune system and when I wanted to play a champion like Sona, I went for a full tank rune page, 0/18/12 masteries and rushed a sightstone, only then did it feel "right" to play her) And as a result I went for a resolve tree with every single support. However on lol wiki, it states that the optimal runes to go with Janna are either sorcery or inspiration with resolve as a backup. Since I am playing at low silver/high bronze and wanted to climb the ladder, I thought to myself that maybe the reason I haven´t climbed was because of poor itemization and runes, so I went for a sorcery rune tree and played 2 games with Janna. Both games I realized I was ALOT more squishy than what I was used to and I died some needless deaths because of it, the games went horrible. The question I have for you is. Should I go with the playstyle that I have played previously and that almost always went at least decent, or should I try for the most optimal route "by the book" and try to adapt to a slightly differnt playstyle that I am not comfortable with? Does it matter if I have the most optimal runes in lower ranks? Also, why are many of the defensive supports like Janna, Sona, Nami or Soraka better built with a bit of ap than a more tanky build? I don´t really understand how I will be able to play them otherwise, because even when it feels like I´m playing passivly, I die if someone as much as breathes on me.
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