Skillshots and the camera

We've all had moments like these: You're playing with unlocked camera in a long fight and you fire a skillshot, but it somehow misses the target, despite your mouse being in a position where it should hit the target - simply because of the way how the camera works and because things closer to the upper end of your screen become smaller. It doesn't really matter that much when you're playing without smartcast, but if you can't see the actual hitbox on ground when casting, it is very difficult to judge where you're actually clicking at near the upper end of your screen sometimes. Which leads me to the question: Is it better to play with locked on camera for some champions? For example it would make sense to play {{champion:429}} with locked on camera anyway, but then it doesn't feel "smooth" when playing her anymore. Or with {{champion:99}}, you could make better use of your QWE, but then you always have to remove the lock-on when using the ult on long range. The alternative would be to just play without smartcast
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