Kayn and his scythe grip

Anyone noticed that Kayn actually had three different ways holding raast his scythe? normal form holds it backward like holding a dagger backwards assassin form holds it forward with the blade toe facing the inside body darkin form holds it forward with the blade toe turing against the side of the body I'm probably not describing it really well, so pls see the link PS: the normal form in the link is doing interactions so his grip wasn't right, check the following link for the actual pose: (https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-b5kiKvXD4gg/WVMmwkXOfNI/AAAAAAAAoD0/HxE-PqIhDlA4QhWXHIjpSlyzqd_qxj9yACEwYBhgL/s640/kaynturn.png) In real life don't these grips make differences? Like specialisation (attack; block; speed; strength etc.) and stuff? (Which is probably y he's got different ability effects for different forms in game I guess) Pretty cool ay XD
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