Celebrating Birthday in League of Legends

So here i am , it's almost my birthday ( in 1h and 44 mins ) celebrating playing League Of Legends cuz why not :D .... it's been 6 years since i started to play and pretty much this season is not the worst but neither the best , but as far as i can see ... the AFK / ragequit / troll rate has increased badly ... Idk , feels weird to play Ranked , pretty much high chance to stumble across one of them , may it be enemy or ally ... Toxicity has increased as well but that's not a problem , words can't decide/affect how skilled you are , nor your performance... Ranked should feel competitive , i miss longer games , nowdays it's pretty much like that " gg ez , lost ff at 15 " even tho they only died 1 single time ( btw my longest record out there is 1h and 15 min XD ), it's frustrating to play ... the community is toxic and it makes others respond/react towards it with the same coin ... toxicity That being said , hbd to me and here i will be the next year ... playing League of Legends ... not because the game is balanced , not because the community is friendly , nor the fact that the game has no bugs ... but i love the concept ... i hope for the best the next season :D
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