Ekko...can we all just admit riot fucked up? He cant be nerfed!

Ok, so this guy goes ap or ad or full tank and does more damage than like all the team anyway and is unkillable. They try to nerf his tank aspects but he still gets played tank because its just that good. They buff his ap scaling and it pretty much just encourages everyone to get like one ap item on him... Riot will we see a rework here? or will this cancer continue? Im tired of worrying about ekko every time i see him. Like voli does damage as a tank but damn that guy doesn't have like minimal mana costs and a 3 second cc move, or a gap closer or a aoe stun or a second life (passive doesn't count). pretty much making ekko unkitable compared to other tanky damage champs. I Just think that ekko is like GP very difficult to nerf without making him shit and unplayable; But unlike GP this guy requires 1/10 of the skill to be effective. So please. On behalf of all the squishy mains and voli bears trying to catch a 2 hp ekko and failing {{item:2050}} {{item:3070}} Rework this shit
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