Better bot wins every game

I don’t usually make complaint posts but this has really been annoying me recently. Every game recently has been won or lost entirely through the bot lane, seriously look at every one of my recent games the entire reason I won or lost was the bot lane. It seriously makes playing anywhere else boring, especially top lane where I feel like no matter what I do I’m gonna loose regardless... seriously how am I supposed to win the game for my team constantly roaming to the other side of the map? It’s especially irritating low elo when my team doesn’t know how to play safe... seriously I just had a game where the enemy bot lane yasuo got 5 kills, first tower, and a 3 level lead over our jhin by 10 mins... all while I’m up in top lane winning lane but having no way to translate that to a victory, not even safe st that point to tp gank Or a few games before where my bot lane tries to proxy a 5/0 kaisa. Seriously what am I supposed to do, I’m on a massive lose streak now and seriously not enjoying myself because no matter how well or poorly I do it never matters it just depends on who feeds who bot lane... it’s just boring knowing you could go afk and the game would still be decided in the same way.
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