Nasus is a god damn 0 skill champ...

Ok, changing the whole post... so that I can be COMPLETELY CLEAR... I'm not saying I can't beat Nasus... I am saying that Nasus is just STUPID!!!! His skillset is completely idiotic... it takes 0 skill to play Nasus... you do nothing but smash Q all game long until the Q key is destroyed and you either keybind the skill to another key or buy a new keyboard... a champ like this with a skillset so ridiculously stupid should not exist... it makes no sense reworking champs with nice skillsets and good mechanics like Irelia and the ABSOLUTE KING OF STUPIDITY that is Nasus stays the same patch after patch and year after year... THAT'S MY ISSUE WITH HIM... ok now? will you stop telling me how much of a noob from Elo hell I am and focus on the real topic??? Do I deserve an opinion now my dear Elo nazis?
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