My issues with balance team

Dear balance team - it seems like you all said "Just @#$% it, Jesus - take the wheel!", because for the last few patches I witness such insane roller-coaster of buffs and nerfs where they're not needed. (First two points will refer to [this]( image). 1. Kill bloody tank Ekko - don't "nerf" or "not encourage" it, just kill it. It's absurd, what person with low amount of damage, high amount of tankiness and huge shield and "Re-do" button can do. 2. Gangplank - NERF his barrels, this is insane, when a barrel can take more than a half of Your HP, just because you're not a tank. 3. Stop nerfing champions just based on competitive play (a.k.a. Azir) - you decided to kill Azir by [this]( and [this]( ONLY because he was good at LCS, for us, commoners, he was good but nothing worth nerfing. 4. Right after You buffed Sona and made her somewhat playable, You did [this]( One question - WHY? She was perfectly fine after buff. Let me guess - competitive plays? Or just someone in Riot was just once destroyed by Sona and was so salty, that (s)he said "we'll nerf the @#$%ing hell out of her!"? 5. "Hmm... What more unnecessary buff can we create?" said someone in balance departament. And that's how [this]( was done. Why? Because Vayne was always OP, let us buff her some more. 6. It seems like someone in balance team mains Irelia, because she needs HARD NERF for a loooooooooooong time. 7. Also, someone definetely hates Ziggs (for some mystical reason), because You cannot make Ziggs' W to throw enemies to same distance as it throws Ziggs himself. Imagine situation - You, as Ziggs, are chased by, let's say, Ekko. Ekko used his E (this roll-blink insane combo) and is right on You. You throw W and activate it instantly, hoping to get some distance and not burn Your flash. But, instead, You get what's active right now - You fly some distance, and Ekko makes just small hop and continues to pursue You, FORCING You to burn flash (which still won't guarantee Your escape, because, let's be honest, it's bloody Ekko, but that's beside the point, just replace Ekko with someone with dash). To prove my point, I recorded [small custom game]( (recorded with LOL Replay 2), where it's clearly visible, that distance is different, regardless of champion's size. 8. Yasuo, Zed, Fizz, LeBlank - those are assassins, that make our lives so much harder. With Yasuo my main concerns are - his passive (to imbalanced and impossible to counter that insane damage), his cooldowns (Q and E - are You mad?! no one should have so low CD just because they exist), his windwall (this @#$% can block projectiles even when they already should've touch him/finish their traveling). Zed - I hate everything about him, his mere existance tilts me. Fizz - his E, that allows to dodge EVERYTHING (or almost everything, considering Fiddle's W). LeBlank - obnoctious damage and bs mobility. 9. Xerath - make his E to stun fixed duration, without "more if flyed farther", because that creates situations, when if You stun someone, who dashes/blinks towards you and you hit them, there's no stun at all, it's like 0.1 seconds long. I love this game, but since mid-season 4 whole balance just dissapeared - just look at current meta - tank meta, where, for some reason, even assassins can go tank and still be assassins, but whole lot more unkillable, meta, where if You go pure AP/AD, you're screwed by those off-tanks, and everything started from Juggernaughts! Please, I'd like to discuss all this with someone FROM RIOT GAMES, I want to hear what they have to say, some random comments like "You're wrong, shut up" aren't welcomed here.
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