Why do people tell me what support to play?

Hey there. On Friday I finally started to play my placements (I've only been here for roughly two months) and so far I lost 3 and win 2. I am fine with those results. I still have a lot to learn and I really like when ppl tell me how to perform better, but I think for a beginner I am doing allright. I do not care about where I land after my placements. But what I do care about is what champions I play. I main Sona. I enjoy playing her and I finally got the grip on her. I can play Janna and Morgana as well. But I have no experience with Leona or Alistair or other tanky supports. Everytime I pick Sona, mainly my adc wants me to play a tank. One time I even was told we lost the game because of me picking Sona BEFORE the game even started (we won, but whatever...). Why are people doing that? If I am at my best with Sona, why do they want to compell me into playing another support? Why do they expect me to fail them before the game has started? Is there any reason I really should learn to play those tanky supports at my state? I will take a look into them, but right now I am glad I can play 2-3 different supports at all - until I am good at playing them - before I extend my champion pool. All the best, NoSunToday
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