Flex queue is worse than dynamic queue Riot pls.

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Okay so i've been playing flex queue now when i played league of legends... and the only thing i see is.. 'practice queue' For real Riot, this mode got me and some friends hyped, now I use it as ranked because solo/duo isn't there yet, but match the games at least more balanced??!?!?! For example, you get queued with other players from your rank/mmr, but the enemy team gets the same, wow not a problem you might think, well you just get queued with whoever is in that queue i guess, because just a few minutes ago i had a game with 2 gold players, 3 silver players.. The enemy team had; Gold 5 Silver 3 Plat 5 Plat 2 Plat 1 (see link for gyazo screenshot) How is this balanced?! please riot.
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