How is LoL affecting your realtionships?

Question in title. My friends was fun and annoying before I started LoL, but now they are some hella assholes to everyone around them. I don't know how I like being treated like a idiot, when I'm trying to be positive and all. I will talk about 2 friends of mine, who were pretty close to me before. 1st. This guy was anime addicted and got me into both LoL and anime from the very start 4 years ago. 4 years has past and has changed from being sharing and caring to Selfish and violent. He has started playing Kha'zix ever since the rework of stealth and ignored to gank lanes, gone up to a lane when their laner was on the lane already and taken 2 waves of farm for absolutely no reason. Then he goes into the enemy jungle for invading and dies blaming the midlaner for not helping. What the worst part is that whenever he is 1 death negative he wants to surrender the game, meaning, if He is 1/2/30 or 20/21/0 he wants to surrender even if we are stomping our opponents. He also has this addiction when he is way to behind he only goes from Killsteals that were meant for an important carry in our team or taking CS when he has the highest cs in the game already (Dude, I am poor and has barely any cs). FK U. (Deleted him 4 times, but he keeps coming back) 2nd. This guy has a mental social problems with speaking and being social around a lot of people. He told me first time we meet that he didn't have friends and wanted to be 2 man group call when speaking. I started introducing him for my other friends to cheer him up and let him get more friends. This of course helped him and he started having more friends and started talking a lot more than he used to. But playing LoL with him so much and getting to know my other friends, our relationship started to go down. 1 day he started flaming me for playing bad and had some grammar problems with my typings. I told him that I didn't want to hear any corrections cause they ain't fun to hear as we all know. Then all randomly he started to say abusive language against me, for saying it's not for to being corrected in grammar, after the game he deleted me from all social-media and never talked with me against. Now we the worst part is that he made my other friends go against me for unknown reason. After I was left alone by him and all my friends that I made for him, I started feeling so depressed that I almost encourage suicide. At least I have 1 friend left who doesn't play LoL at all. Hopefully he will never play that cursed game. Thanks for reading. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
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