Riot is making stupid decisions sometimes

This ARURF(which is worse than the original ARURF not URF) was a total disappointment. You know when a company comes up with their first project? like a bad one and everyone says: okay, they will improve. This is similar to that but opposite. First you give us the BEST GAME MODE which is all about fun. Then you screw it up... And you make this very %%%%%%ed game mode where there is only few %%%%%%ed champions. You guys just killed the URF. I was crying like a baby when URF came second time with the epic login screen and music (because i didn't expect it).. Now i get headache from this. EVERYTHING ASIDE Where is the Butchers Bridge? Where is the 1v1 and 2v2 Magma chamber? WHY ARE YOU NOT DELIVERING YOUR CUSTOMERS? Yes we are not a community to you. We are more like a CUSTOMER... What is the Game designer team doing? you can design a useless mecha map just to sell your new skins but can't bring butchers bridge? Do something Riot. I've been playing since 2009 and this is getting out of hand. Where are the amazing stories like AZIR, Shurima and the Void? Oh no let's just make useless stories like Xaya and rakan.. Where are the short movie stories? Don't you guys have any taste in this world? Just fire those who works at the development because they are not doing their job well. Just come up with some new ideas and fun stuff... PLEASE... I'm not hating on you RIOT, I just want you to WAKE UP and DO SOMETHING... ENTERTAIN US!...
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