Regarding Akali changes patch 6.22

So i've been fan of {{champion:84}} since season 1, and after all these years she still managed to entertain me the most, more than any other Champion out there. I've mained many champions throughout these years and I've always managed to adapt to their changes/nerfs if it happened. But after this patch (6.22), the changes to {{champion:84}} made are just devastating, I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in this matter. I just can't accept the fact that her ultimate (R) does half the damage than it did before, and if that wasn't enough the AP ratio on (R) is reduced by 50% (now it is 0.25, instead of 0.50) and it's cd is 2 at all ranks. It basically deals no damage at all. I don't really know if you guys tried playing with her yet, but she sure feels very off and I don't think she needed this big nerf on her ultimate. (Changes to (E) (W) and Passive are pretty neat, it is well balanced) I get it. It's preseason, the time for experimenting but this big nerf on her ultimate was in my opinion unnecessary, knowing her pickrate is VERY low, and her winrate is actually below 50%, now it will be even worse. She is losing her whole Assassin feeling when playing her. Please reconsider these changes RIOT, as I'm sure I'm not the only one being sad about this. {{champion:84}}
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