Urgot: the latest mana nerf is unnecessarily and stupidly hard

Besides the obvious fact that the latest urgot nerfs are ridiculously exaggerated, the particular issue about his mana is beyond brain damage: with the last diarrhea jet rito calls a patch, urgot's is so stupidly nerfed that it gets kited by -every- champ with the least sustain, since the simple idea of using your q and W, and not even the E, to trade is out of the question, if you just shyly hope to even use your ultimate some time in the following 5 minutes. I don't even enter into the issue of the brain damaged, ridiculous amount of cooldown increase from the previous patch, but the fact that urgot now needs MANA ITEMS to avoid being kited is beyond %%%%ing %%%%%%ed, especially since the %%%%ing champs urgot is intended to counter (tanks in general) have LITERALLY zero mana, or zero mana issues. Who was the imbecile in charge of this idiocy I wonder? What can be done, besides the imbecility of using the sorcery skill tree and the advanced refillable potion, to mitigate this idiocy?
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