Illaoi E 3 tricky questions

Hey guys, i still have 3 unanswered question about Illaois E test of spirits If you take the soul of somebody and vayne attacks the soul does the enemy get normal or true dmg ? Another question is if an allie hits the soul and the enemy dies on this dmg who gets the kill the allie or illaoi ? My thirs question is if i grab the soul of malphite with 1k hp. My e transfers 60 % of the dmg. We kill the soul does malphite get 600 dmg or does this dmg get reduced ? There are 2 options the soul got for example amor and gets reduced dmg but the enemy take the full dmg or does the soul take true dmg and the dmg that gets transfered gets reduced by malphite. If someone knows the answers i will buy him a cookie ;) Thanks a lot Angelo
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