What's the point?

I don't know what the hell has happened this past year but Jesus Christ this game has gone downhill. Let's start with character creation, you guys clearly follow some pattern you want these over the top, overloaded huge hitting (can't say juggernauts anymore) characters that do everything and look awesome doing it. Fair but then you come to the problem of balancing them and your response is to either ignore it and nerf the items (killing other champs in the process) or just completely gut them to obscurity, Kalista, Azir, Zed, Yasuo, Zoe, etc, etc. If this is your response to an overloaded champ, then maybe you should stick to simpler champions, the newer champs always end up dominating and making everything else obsolete until you gut them completely to where they are no longer useful. It's sad you're creating champs specifically for LCS. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Onto ranked solo queue: There's no point in even attempting this without someone who is in diamond to duo queue with, you can play your heart out but it all comes down to the lottery that is matchmaking, usually it's your bot ruining early by feeding theirs, good luck playing vs a fed kaisa or fed brand because the only relevant supports as of now are super offensive midlaners in the support role (good balancing) riot even created a champ specifically for this. Rarely do I ever have a close game that I enjoyed playing regardless whether i won or lost. It always feels so cheap and preventable 'boy I wish my mid lane could look at the map' or 'would be great if my team would stop trying to force a fight when I pinged to go bot and clear the wave, now it's my fault' a lot of people in this game feel like they are controlled by an easy bot, their awareness/choices/builds, they're on a timer before 1 of them does something stupid to %%%% the game for the rest of us. I don't know what it is, but in certain divisions I get the most amazing bunch of teammates, everything goes right, I go from losing more than I earn, to completely leaving the division, you'd think riot's machine or whatever would reward me 'good job dude, you got out of the division that we thought you had no way of leaving, here go any earn some more lp from winning' but nope, lose 1 and there's 20lp gone. back to gold 2 haha! It's sad, I was constantly placing mid-high plat on multiple accounts 2-3 seasons ago. now I can't even get into it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Summing it up: Just a shame I used to have fun trying to climb higher than my friends and we'd constantly be battling to see who could get higher, now it's just a frustrating lottery 'that's a shame I got these people in my team, maybe next one' every game. These character designs are so unfun, it just makes dealing with these champs that get fed even more difficult, pyke fed? deal with him, his full lethality kit and his fed adc (execute reset ult, just what everyone loves) Deal with a Zoe, hit by a bubble, cya 75% of your hp (Assuming she isn't fed) don't expect to fight back unless you burn cleanse or whatever on an ability that will up in a few seconds. Things are so poorly designed and solo queue needs a huge overhaul What's the point right now?
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