How does TFT RNG works, because recent TFT games tilted me for life

Hey. Casual TFT player here, really frustrated though. Got some interesting RNG in a few recent games after 9.14 patch. For example: started my TFT game, had a lot of Vayne and Varus so I thought going rangers is an options. Had my Varus stacked with Shojin's + had some placeholder champions before I get my Ashe and Kindred. But guess what - THAT NEVER HAPPENED. I finished game at 6-3 round and I hadn't had A SINGLE ASHE OR KINDRED. On round 4-1 I started checking enemies, maybe they bought out Ashes and Kindreds and benched them, I checked every single round and they didn't have Ashe or Kindred as well. I saw 1 Ashe on a carousel round but I wasn't able to get it, enemy took it and sold it right away for an item. So did that Ashe went into the champion pool or where did she go? Is it possible that I just got very very unlucky RNG in those games(Ashe and Kindred just an example, i had the same thing with Voliebears and Veigars in 2 other games)? Or maybe it's some kind of bug? Did u have such issues after patch 9.14 or it's just me :({{sticker:cass-cry}}
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