Dear Junglers. When your toplaner pings DANGER, that means you should GET THE F* OUT.

2 Games lost in a row now, because of morons who think they are trick2g. No, you are not, and buying an overpriced Udyr Skin wont change that. If you come to my lane at lvl2, and expect me to get into a fight with an early game strong toplaner, you are sadly mistaken. Because, what will happen when I do that: The enemy toplane will get a double kill and snowball. Not that it matters if I don't go in, giving away firstblood to a snowball champion is among the worst mistakes you can make, and as you have proven 2 times now, you are perfectly able to do that on your own. --- The fact that you have smite, doesn't make you my master and commander. If I WANT to support a gank, I will. If I think its a bad idea to gank, I will not. In general, you guys can assume that I have a MUCH better grasp of the situation on my lane than you. If I tell you DANGER, that generally means: "No, you should not go in, something is wrong" and get away from me.

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