This is why Riot Games doesn't take us seriously.

The majority of people who think Riot doesn't care are very much wrong. It's not because Riot only cares about money, it's because the majority of NA boards literally don't know how to balance a champion. You have to give credit to Riot Games though, balancing is extremely difficult to do because if you buff or nerf a champion, you will indirectly nerf or buff other champions aswell. An example of a champion that received an indirect buff is {{champion:67}} because lane bullies such as {{champion:104}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:51}} got nerfed so it's obvious that {{champion:67}} is going to have a good laning phase when Adc lane bullies can't **DO THE JOB PROPERLY!** Anyway, about why Riot games doesn't take us seriously. It seems that most players have no experience against a certain champion and they complain about how overpowered the champion is in forums when they've never played the champion or even be arsed to think strategically against a certain entity. This is why {{champion:84}} got gutted because most players don't have the brain to buy {{item:2043}} and shut her down in the early game. Another case of why Riot Games doesn't take us seriously is because people mentioned that {{champion:45}} needs buffs and soon as he received a buff, people cried about how op he is, that literally makes no fucking sense and again, you guys are too fucking lazy to think strategically against {{champion:45}}. Veigar's E is still easy to dodge and they still say that it needs a nerf. Bitch please, {{champion:45}} had an instant stun and a point and click Q. It's obvious that the old Veigar is better than the new Veigar since death fire's grasp was still in the game. But ofcourse, veigar wasn't played by Froggen back then. It's amazing that people ride on Froggen's dick and complain about a champion being overpowered. Finally, most of you literally cry about a certain champion without coming up a constructive argument to why a champion is overpowered. You don't make any solid points at all and it literally hurts my eyes when circle jerkers vote up a blatant shitty post just to join in the bandwagon. Riot likes to associate with adults, **NOT CHILDREN.** Overall, it's very obvious that Riot doesn't take champions and gameplay board seriously since you are all immature and have an extremely flawed logic that I cannot comprehend Tl'dr: Stop making shitty balance posts in Na boards and actually think strategically against a champion. (Sorry for bad English)
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