New System for gaining LP

Hey Guys, here is my idea. I guess you are all familiar with After each game evaluates your individual op score and ranks you and your enemy team from mvp to 10th place. My idea is that Riot should do the same and calculate your lp gains in ranked games accordingly. Here is why: Imagine yourself in a game and one of your mates has a pretty bad game. You can't carry him and you eventually are going to lose the game. Thats -20 lp no matter what even if you are doing good. To make this example more extreme. Let's say one of your mates is running it down or is afk because "gg no jungle ganks". He will get 10th place, because he refuses to play. You on the other hand play your heart out and you get ranked let's say 4th overall. I would suggest that if you are on the losing team you will lose lp, but with your 4th place you will only lose like -7lp not the whole -20lp. I think this solves a lot of problems 1. Even if you feel like the game is lost, you should still try your hardest because you can minimize your LP loss. 2. AFKs and inting people get punished by losing lots of LP while you can save some of your LP (still frustrating but way better) 3. Win trading (higher elo problem not mine :D) is getting difficult because you gotta deliver not get boosted by the enemy inter. Disadvantages 1. Role swaps have to be detected, else the rating system won't work 2. Boosting/smurfing is not solved (but neither it is with the current system) 3. Flamer will be flamer and do not understand why they got 10th place. TL;DR I would like to link LP gains/loses according to the individual play not only to Win/lose What do you guys think? Have i missed a entire point?
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