The state of Valor (That annoying bird)

Valor, one of my favourite champions in the game has been removed, here is why: Quinn's ultimate doesn't feel rewarding anymore, if you think she was a bad marskman with her previous ultimate, I have an idea, why not making her playstyle to fit a different role, we all know the current state of Jhin, he is gonna be a mid laner, not an ADC, so is the case with Mordekaiser, his current duo lane is super strong, you did a great job with him, he feels rewarding to play in a different role. Quinn and VALOR, on the other hand, no longer feel special to play, you are no longer mobile as hell and no longer have that cool outplay potential, if you actually reworked her ultimate into something like: The same thing, but W would be the spell that triggers the Skystrike part and would cost a stupid ammount of mana, your ult would have no manacost but would actually be on something like a 60/50/40 second coldown or something like that... Quinn and Valor are scouts, they are like brother and sister, so don't take that away, Quinn and Valor were the only champions that would make me feel like I'm actually playing 2 different styles since my playstyle would change when I clicked that SATISFYING BUTTON (R) So prove me wrong Riot, make her unique again... Also have a video that proves my point for looking cool:
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