Nidalee Q: 20 yard hitbox, 150 or 450 dmg(Max Range). 6 sec dooldown. 1.2 ap Karma Q: 500 yard hitbox (half lane), 785 dmg, 5 sec cooldown. 1.5 ap, 50% slow. What this means ? Nidalee lands a 600 dmg spear. Karma lands a 1200 Q D1ck Back at 1050 hp nidalee. Nidalee dies in 1 q. Fixed a bug with nidalee base hp, now dies to 1 sona's Q, Karthus Ult. Catlyn Ult, while she has full hp. Fixed a bug with nidalee q hitbox, now even if it hits her opponent it will no longer deal damage. Fixed a bug with nidalee movement speed, now moves backwards instead forwards and never reaches her opponents when she lands her spear, her opponents get a 100% movement speed buff for 2 sec, while you are slowed by 99%. Fixed a bug with karma Q, now detonates instantly and is no longer evadable by moving, an afk karma presses only 1 button to land a kill. Fixed a bug with karma Q, now no longer has to build ap to 1shot. Fixed a bug with karma Q, now a 6000 singed hp tank no longer manages to survive it, Karma's Q 99% slow will make him move backwards towards karma when trying to escape and die. Fixed a bug with Karma, now every 10 sec, she gets a free Q kill, if it doesn't the nearest enemy champion with 999999 range is sacrificed to make this possible. Nidalee win's rate 40% op !!! She even nerfs her team by "Breathing". Giving her opponent's 60% win rate. just by existing. So lets calculate what's the best theorytical build for nidalee. since she can no longer poke and 99.9% of the champions do twice more q damage than her. The best build is to stand in your fountain dealing 1000 lazor damage every 0.33 sec !!! That's 300k DPS While AFK. NEW Meta!!! I can achieve 100% win rate instead 60% other nidalee trash do. NERF nidalee so that the other trash manage to reach my potential !!!
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