Sniping matchmaking

It's like you wait for players to get into promos and then bombard them with worst scum on the earth. Before promos i would get to play with cool people who would even understand how bad someone can be when auto filled into role they don't even play, some where a bit anxious about it but not a single degrading word. Now i get into promos, get 1 free win for repeating for 4th time this week same promos to silver 1 and what do i get? A Garen player who in 3rd min managed to feed enemy Fiora 2 kills, at 5th min 5 kills. When told to just stay safe and try farm, he said he understand, but not a minute later i see him charge at 5/0 Fiora and getting himself killed. Obviously with this kind of feed the game was lost for us. Game #2, minions haven't even left the nexus yet and i get Top Irelia flaming on Kassadin calling him animal, just cuz he forgot starting items. 5 Min in a we get her calling me (a jungler) animal and other degrading words for not helping her to fight in top river, WHEN I WAS at bottom lane. Then the same to Kassadin for not coming to help her when he had his hands full with enemy Akali. Next thing we hear from her was "If i die i afk" then dies to Garen "Cya" and disconnects, staying afk for the rest of the match. Seriously is it always like this? I though the elo you're supposed to be is where you just keep relative the same win lose ratio. Am i supposed to be always at promos? Not really silver 2 but not silver 1 either? Forever balancing between them? At this point you should really change your motto to - "Worlds biggest trolls, worst flamers and other scum of gaming community, brought to you by Riot Games to your Promos only. Am i the only one that get's such promos? Are there others? Can we have a respect system where based on your in game behavior you get to play with those like yourself? Toxic ppl with toxic ppl and honorable players with other like them?
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