Is Yasuo Really balanced this season?

I dont think the damn champ is balanced. He gets so much free damage and he is overloaded. He is ressourceless and gets a shield just by walking mitigating any chance to poke him. Riven is balanced, she brings a kit you can play around when you are against her, she requires more skill than Yas to play imo. OFC I know Yasuo is not eas to play but he is overloaded, he can build tanky and still have a ridiculous amount of damage, he has short cooldowns so you cant play around him. I know there is some match ups that shit on him but if you play a champion who is not strong against him you will struggle a lot. He will push so you cant farm relyably and he will keep poking for free with his Qs at no cost and stupid low cdr. His ult brings somethin big for teeamfighting but the fact that he gets that shield recharged and that armor pen make him so annoying to lane against. Plus he has stupid lane sustain. If you people know something about the subject let me know because i am sick of this ressorceless champ with no cooldowns, lane sustain, armor pen and nearly to no risk when you know how to play him.
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