Ruby Sightstone & Support Gameplay Idea

Is it me or does this item suck hard {{item:2045}}, maybe buff it to like 30% and make it cheaper? The reason people don't play supports is because they find it boring and I get that. Lets be real here, the top supports right now (Soraka/Janna/Sona) are quite braindead and other interactive supports are completely eclipsed by them. To make the role more interactive and "chaotic" for the support maybe we can release some awesome new items with actives so the support can play around with more "spells". They could have decent stats and powerful actives/passives. Like maybe an item with an active that makes your target take reduced incoming damage for 3 secs. The BIG support item could be expensive ish and have an active that allows your target to be invulnerable for 1.5 secs (give it a 3 min cd cd). This might sound broken but how about an item that can make a target go invisible (give it weaknesses, maybe like you can see their footsteps on the floor). Or an item that gives a shield to an ally and reflects like 15% AA damage back to the attacker. What about an item that increases heals and shields on a target by 70% for 3 seconds or reduces by 70% on an enemy. I know some of these sound "broken" but obviously they will have CDs and numbers/effects can be adjusted. It will make the game WAY MORE interesting, don't you think? Riot has been tip toeing around the actives/passives on support items and have made them kinda useless {{item:3050}} /{{item:3504}} (was useless for so long till last patch), maybe it's time to go a bit ham. Edit: Obviously introduce pre-requisites for buying these items so other lanes cannot abuse it.
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