I have a doubt about Akali's W

Hello there, I recently started playing Akali a lot. Something's weird about her kit btw and I can't find reliable answers anywhere, not even if I read her kit. So at the very release of this new version 2 things were extremely different: Q's heal, and W's stealth. Now, at early levels I noticed and know my Q doesn't heal anymore, as it was nerfed after few patches, but later on the game it does heal a bit so I was wondering if that is because I build {{item:3146}} . So my Q, going along with that theory, acts like any auto I could give dealing the same AP AD damage and healing me out? Second thing is my W. Her Stealth has been modified too a lot because it was OP but now I've noticed that even when I'm in my W my enemies can not only spot me but also target me with aa. Like, if I get in the centre of that W and quickly go inside of it, it's okay for the nemy to know approximately where I am and try to poke me with their AoE abilities, but why can they even aa me? It happened vs a Jax I was playing against.
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