Lux 2019

What is the problem with lux? Have anyone seen the pbe changes? 150 to 100 shield value. Ok... I do not see how it is deserved to gut it by 33%... But we can live with it. Ultimate reset removed? What is this shit? 80 seconds base cool-down for the first ~15 minutes of the game. Up from 56 sec after kill.. 60 seconds base cool-down for the next ~10 minutes. Up drom 39 sec after kill... This means casting 50% less ultimates, untill 16, even if you are doing everything perfect. Huge down times... Is this how Riot tweaks a champion? Someone wakes up one morning and says, lets increase the down times by 50%, it should do the trick... Keep the shield changes, nerf the %%%%ing AFTERSHOCK... And we are good.
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