kayle is dead to me

playing her like nasus for the first 11 levels is boring as hell. old kayle was at least engaging in laning phase, her autos felt much better before rework especially with her legendary skin, now she feels like shit. old kayle was versatile could be played top/mid/support/adc. this new kayle only plays in 1 way, top. late game kayle is pointless, because every adc/apc/assasin late game do so much damage that even tanks get blown up. there is no point in being a hyper carry anymore in this game at late game, since every one will do so much damage, I think by lategame only your ulti matters, her ulti is crap, cant auto while having ulti on? I came back to league after 2 years, but now that i see how league is i guess i will continue playing overwatch.....

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