why are tanks pain in the ass

tanks are suppose to be the frontline of the team, they take all the damage and they are not supposed to be doing a lot of damage but tanks now days take so much damage and never die yet they can 1v3 triple idk if this is only happening in low elo where i am (silver) but i played games where the goddamn garen never dies, he 3v1 and its hard for us to kill him, we need whole team to kill him, his fidget spinner move did 1000+ damage to me yet he build full tank and 1 damage item i saw and played games where the support tank, like alister, leona and naut are 1v1 adc pre 6 and winning (this is the reason i thought maybe its because im low elo because an adc lost to a tank, but those tanks were doing too much damage with only having a relic shield) i'm a jungle main and i take amumu in a enemy full ad comp, all i have to do is build a thornmail and ninja tab, then go ap and i can 1v1 anyone on the team without dying tanks are not supposed to walk into a 5v1, pick up 2 kills then run away without us even getting them half health its either you do a lot of damage and you die fast or you do no damage and die slow WHEN WILL RIOT STOP MAKING LUX SKINS AND FIX THIER %%%ING GAME
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