Riot you're unfair

Ok, Riot let's get real for a bit. You started off the season with some big changes with the ADC's. I'm not saying that that's bad but they didn't really need what they got. The name of their role is and always was **A**ttack **D**amage **C**arry . You made them stronger by reworking them, giving them items and unique playstiles. Alright. Cool. Big deal. Now, in the middle of the season, you make the midlaners some kind of abnormal bursting anti counterplay motherf****s? Did they really needed that? For gods sake ,half of them went crazy snowballing with only a few kills and now they'll need even less to get out of control. Are you going to give the junglers some love? Did you even plan anything special for the junglers? Oh wait, we have some new dragons guys!! It's new in the jungle!? The buffs are actualy cool and good job on that. But wait. All your team get's them. You, the jungler, you get nothing for it, being there, making the call. You are not impactfull on the game unless you gank an overextending cheapass who didn't buy a ward. Being a jungler in this season doesn't feel unique. It feels the same as it was in S2. You farm when you can, you gank if you can, you try to secure objectives. Thats it. Basicly you're your teams b*tch and you get the blame when someone loses their lane because of enemy ganks or didn't share red/blue. C'mon Riot, be kind.{{item:3070}} {{summoner:11}}
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