Ranked matchmaking is severely unbalanced

I recently picked up the game again after a few month break (bloody finals) and i jumped into ranked after a week of warmup. I read about the changes and i expected something way better, i was looking forward to it. But the games in low elo (i mean bronze 1 low) are so insanely uneven in matchmaking that it's breaking the game. In my most recent game as a Bronze 1 I faced a Silver 3 mid and the enemy team ranged from Iron 1 to Gold 4..... That is insane. Every game is decided by "who has the gold 4" or "who has the 90% winrate smurf" last seasons it was harder to get out of bronze, sure, but damn these games are just way more tilting because it's literally a coinflip. I know Riot won't care for a second but I just wanted to vent a bit and to know if I'm unlucky in my matchmaking or does everyone experience this?
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