Reworking the "Anti-fun"

Right, so Yorick was deemed anti-fun and reworked, so where is the rework for champions like Nasus, Singed and Tryndamere? They are anti-fun too. Not unkillable but incredibly unfunny to play against. I am just saying that Riot should really admit that they are part of the problem when it comes to people being toxic, since they developed all these "Fun at the Enemies Expense" Champions. Heck, that is the main point of Singed it seems, which is hardly health for either team. He solo pushes so his team has to rely on a 4v5. Unless someone stays to try and babysit which means that person has to suffer. Anyway, just a shame that we still have these champions in the game and not old Yorick. You can't even say that he was reworked for being ugly cos Urgot and Galio are still in the game, and all three of them are sexy as fuck anyway so I don't know what you are talking about anyway. Serious though; complete the purge of the Anti-Fun.
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