Was old league better?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YA3e_Ti7Zns Gbay has a great point league laning phase has become so much worse now it feels like the first 20 min of the game is just farming and sometimes ganking other lanes. and in old league you could win your lane and carry the game without worrying about your teammates fking up the game. Dont get me wrong i love the new things riot add summoners rift looks so much better and every champion has a unique champion kit which is why i think it would be more fun if riot made the laning phase more important. League is a team game but you cant force players to play as a team there will always be that guy who will bad and i want to be able to win 4v5 if one of the players play bad or troll. In other words i want league to be more rewarding for the skills you have without depending on your team all the time. The only way to win as a good player in league right now is by helping your team, taking dragons/towers/ganking if your team does bad then you will do bad. There should be more ways to win league. A great example is CSGO its a team game and the game becomes much easier if your team is good but you can still win it by yourself without your team if you are skilled enough which is becomming more and more impossible in league in they also have a great AFK penalties system This is just my opinion and i would love to hear what other people think. Btw second time i post here so i have no idea if i posted on the correct place TL:DR League should be more rewarding for skilled players and focus more on the laning phase. And riot should show some more love to their old players. Edit: Lots of negative comments to riot. So tell me what should riot do to make the game fun like it once was?
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