Nunu rework suggestion

Back in a day When I was new to league Nunu was my favorite champ specialy when I play with him on botlane and instead of going tank I would going full ap and one shot those poor adc's on enemy side's. I have lot's of good memory with him. He is a really unique and interesting champion in lol universe in my opinion But the thing is... Well... He is BORING AND USELESS AS**** . Today I was thinking that how riot can (maybe) rework him and use his unique things (riding yeti), and here is the result: Passive: Winds Of Winter Where ever Nunu (yeti)goes out of combat he will freeze areas around him that will interact with his other abilities and make them more powerful. This passive last a lot longer in jungle and river and in lane it will gone really soon. Q: consum Pretty similar to now but with little changes: 1 .with using it on jungle camps Nunu will took they're buffs like what Smith do (this way we can have our first Smith less jungler in league). 2 .with useing it on enemies will make them to lose mana WithPassive: enemy's will get slowed by nunu W: The curse Yeti will throw Nunu in target direction (skill shot) if Nunu got hits with enemy champion He will gains control of the enemy and make him walk to yeti direction (during this time player controlling yeti) if yeti missed he can pick Nunu again and gains move speed bonus for a short time, enemy also can find this as an opportunity and attack Nunu (Exactly illoi's E) If they succeed Nunu will lost his control over yeti and makes yeti attack to his near friendly champions (or units ) E: snow ball Nunu will throw an snowball damageing and slowing any unit when it's pass them (skillshoT) with Passive: snow ball will stun unites instead of slowing R: wrecking ball Yeti start channeling and create a giant snow ball during this time allies can come in to snowball and make it bigger, after channeling ends Yeti throw snowball (like ziggs+ kalista ultimate) enemy's that hit with ball will lose their (40,60,80%) of their move speed With passive: Snowball will stun enemies for (3sec) before slow them. Thx for reading and also sorry for my bad English grammar. Please tell me your opinion about this and leave comments down below and if you find this interesting, please upvote it so riot maybe see this. :) Be victorious!
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