tanks in this game are more assassins then any other assassin

1. so, my problem is that tanks are more assassins then all of the 'assassins" in game :x all the meta tank can kill anybody expect other tank in less then 3sec, I know that someone will say that "oh rengar, shaco, kata, lb, akali, kha will one shot you in 0,5sec, but they are made to do it and if they cant oneshot someone or they are behind then there is 0% chance to get back to game, while mundo, cho, malphite, sion, voli can be 2/10 and still deal and tank dmg, what I think tanks should do i taunting and cc'ing enemy team, + new mountain and ocean drake make them too tanky at the same time, like me and mi friends somewhere around a week ago tried a 5tank team, all of us had 4k+ hp 200+armor,mr, and tons of cc and dmg at the same time, this was stupid, a vayne "antitank btw" could not move or anything and even when she did ocean drake healed us more then her 2lifesteal item cuz all of us had thornmail, hp scaling dmg should not be a thing like cho ult deal in late game 1000+ true dmg while idk zed full combo deal max 2k when someone have 0armor, riot should really think about remaking all of tank to a cc/taunt based champs not a dps,cc,tank,assassin thing :) :) {{champion:31}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:78}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} {{summoner:3}}
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