A question from a learner Jungler

Hi all! So I've finally found which position I perform best in and not feel like I'm just a waste of space, and that is in the jungle (Hoorah). So I've been main jungling with the odd position change for a short while and feel like I can confidently make a positive impact on most of the games I play. Currently 'maining' Lee Sin purely because going a damage tank with that mobility is the most fun I've had in game. My real question is how does everyone feel about their jungler actually securing kills in ganks? I've had the mindset over my first year of playing League that the jungler is best to get all the assists with the odd kill here or there. In my experience as a jungler, when I get a early kill or two I can dramatically influence ALL of the lanes and bully my opponent via counter jungler / ganking. Unfortunately this is the opposite of what a lot of players currently feel is the best way to play. I provide kills to my laners, but on the 50/50 occasion where I feel securing a kill during a fight is safer, I get raged at a hell of a lot (I'm not discriminating but in my personal experience the majority of these are the ADCs who mostly use the argument that they are entitled to everything being a primary damage dealer). Going back to Lee Sin (best champ ever no argue-backs), in the current patch I feel like he can beat anyone. Especially with the inclusion of this bad boy {{item:1408}}. If I secure two early kills with Lee, it usually results in a snowball once I build my jungler Item and Tiamat. This is my argument for teams to allow (or at least not going batsh!t) their jungler to secure the early kills - mapwide pressure, not restricted to a single lane. As a fairly new jungler I'm really interested in what more experienced players think on this as I realy want to learn and get that gold border in S6! {{champion:64}} PS: If anyone reads this who was in my last game of the day - thanks, it was awesome! http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/2409634143/217499396?tab=overview
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