Is it just me that feels like league is becoming incredibly boring?

I've been playing since around season 2, and up till late season 7 / start of season 8, I used to find enjoyment in the game but now I keep coming back for the sake of it, since I've invested so much time into the game. League just feels incredibly boring nowadays, and the community seems to have gotten increasingly more toxic, as of recent I've noticed there are a lot more flamers and feeders in games. Even when I'm winning, the games just feel boring, personally I think it may have been since the introduction of the new runes, the game just feels a lot more restrictive and makes it harder for me to have fun with the game. I used to get enjoyment out of both wins and losses, so far as the games weren't just outright stomps (even if I was on the team that was stomping) but now it just feels like you have to play a certain set of champions to do anything, the meta feels a lot more restrictive, and generally has made the game a lot less interesting and entertaining compared to what it used to be. I'd like to see how others feel about this, as this is a game thats quite close to my heart and now that I find little to no enjoyment in it, I find myself slowly drifting away from it, even though I want to keep playing, but if I'm not enjoying league right now whats the point in continuing?
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