Teemo rework that can make him viable

I write this because i am sick of teemo players in my team that are just useless and enemy team teemo is no different most of the time i see teemo players go 15/16 passive: Tactical poison - teemo receives a special kind of poison that has different possitive and negative effect depending on the jungle monsters he kills gromp-his classic teemo poison raptors-blind and give 7 more movement speed for the target grugs-15 less movement speed and 10 more aromor to the target wolves-fear and 5 more movement speed to the target red buff-better true damage fire burn and 10% healing reduction to the target blue buff-mana steal and 15 less mr to the target teemo can stack those by killing the large jungle monsters and he can stack up to one buff at a time and if it is replaced with other buff it gives teemo 15 gold his Q: it has a little bit bigger range and it is still targeted but it can be blocked by other units also it applies the poison effect on the passive it also gives true damage poison on basic attacks against jungle monsters passively his W: it passively gives teemo the ability to become invisible when he is not moving or attacking and ifhe attacks he recives 15% bonus movement speed and 20% attack speed / if it is activated teemo gets a temporary stealth for five sec his E : Toxic tarp - it is the same as his old ult but it gives more vision deals far less damage slows and it is a bit smaller his R : Noxious dart - teemo shoots a dart that deals damage over time to enemy players it is a skill shot and teemo can increase the dot by basick attacking the enemy and this poison increase stacks up to 20 and it is like the enemy was hit by 2 mushrooms of the original teemo I don't write this post because i want so much to change teemo but because id like to see if the other players like it or not
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