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I had gotten back into league of legends but from now on im going to uninstall it and play something else until they start to nerf the right champoins. I started playing against just as k/da came out and have played on and off ever since, i then quickly realised that the champs that deals alot of dmg from the getgo was not gettning nerfed, but mor and more champions were just gettning buffed, it werent that big off an issue but now it something else, i don't understand how riot goes and pretty much "MURDER" akali, she was one of the champs with the lowest winrates, yet they go ahead and knock her into the ground by removing the true stealh but not only that, removing the only really sustainability she had with her q heal, you just get poked from a distance and have to recall because she is a champ with close range abilities, but anyways this is not only about akali. There is soooooo manny champions at the moment that deals a TON of dmg just from lvl 1, even champs that have skillshots, where you need to be carefulle with when you use it cuz you wanna land it, but then champs come along with point and click abilities and they deal more? Varus and sivir for an instance their q has almost the same range, but sivirs is faster and deals more? yeah i get it, it has to hit 2 times, but if you are at the end of the q there is no way you are gonna dodge the 2 q and it is just gonna slice you into pisces. But all and all, riot really needs to start looking into nerfs, because some champions just have a advantage from the getgo which is unfair, and if you just play passively there is just gonna come a time where they can just dive you even tho they have the same amount of kills and minions. I feel like riot needs to start nerfing champions more because i think it is stupid i cannot play the champs i love because they just get out damaged because off a buff. Im taking a break from League Of Legends until i start seeing more nerfs, because i cannot play the games as it is now, then i would rather go play "Apex legends" with my friends. I was wondering if anyone else felt the same or if im just weird. And also riot emploeeys i hope you see this if there are more people feeling the same cuz something has to happen, listen to your players and you will get more players. From a former summoner -WonkyDonkeey goodbye for now League Of Legends {{item:3090}}
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