The Qiyana

Congratulations to whoever made this champion U made hands down the worst piece of crap possible I never seen anything so underpowered in this game ever U can see that riot gave 0 fcks on releasing it Even the champion model size is absurdly small Even tristana is bigger than qiyana in-game Now onto the kit Q-Completely senseless concept of another basic ability skillshot that does something very underwhelming it can deal bonus dmg to enemy(wow never seen before) it can root enemy(wow never seen before) it can make invisibility area(wow ...) But to get any of those u need to cast w W-worst ability in entire game Literally does nothing Casts small dash that makes u feel sad E-it's a point click dash, really outdated feel,but lets also compare Qiyana's E to Yasuo's E Qiyana has around 10 seconds cd for one abilty that deals 100-200 dmg while yasuo has like 0.0000000000000000000006 fcking cooldown and also gets more dmg for each E casted I feel like someone who made this champ though its cool and was like "sheesh i need one more ability hmm lets see,why wouldnt it be dash, dashes are fun" R- really dont know what to say, it doesnt fit champion design or anything, it's maybe the only good ability in her whole kit Champion feels like minion, size wise and power wise Very underwhelming feel Instead of overloading champion's kit with same sht every single time, make something unique simple and fun,something like new mordekaiser Really enjoyed new mordekaiser Mordekaiser is the best thing that happened to this game in a while funniest champ to play, and it doesnt need dashes to be fun Now please, either fully rework Qiyana or remove her completely
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