Player Bots in Coop vs. AI

I guess this is a problem a lot of players have already addressed, but lately the situation is going totally havok and I can't see any means of changing it. There are a lot of bots "playing" (I rather say dying) in Coop vs. AI games, making the situation almost impossible to enjoy for the new players, who have to learn the basics of this game AND facing situations where they are 3 vs 5 just because two players of their teams are Bots who suicide every time. And that's with luck, because I even had to play 1 vs 5 because the 4 other players of my team where all Bots. This was a kinda funny joke in Dominion, where only Bots played in Coop vs. AI, but now the normal "Vs. AI" queue is filled with them. I report and report Bots, who are too easy to spot and even Riot could make a simple mean to destroy it (Like a captcha at the end of 2 games in a row playing vs. AI, for example, stopping the account who fail to do it right to reconnect till they can solve it) but... Nothing is being done. Nothing. The situation is destroying the experience for the new players, for those who doesn't have time to play normal matches, for those who want to learn to play with another champions... So, please, Riot, try to solve it. Is not that hard to do it, facing with Bots is like the first thing any online game company should fix, and you're not doing it right in here.
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