So Anti-Heals for AD costs 800g, for tanks 1000... But for APs, 3000 golds.

Why? This is something I've realized lately, and I dont see it mentioned in Forums. (The several LoL related Forums I check often). - Executioner's call, is 800g, for ADs, gives Wounds for 3s. - Thornmail costst 1000g, for Tanks, gives Wounds for 3s (Buffed recently, before was 1s). - **But Morello costs 3000g, **for APs, gives Wounds for 3s. Meaning if an AP wants Grievous Wounds, he needs 3000 golds !!! Wtf. Also they should Buff Grievous Wounds, they nerfed them to -40% Healings, instead of -50%, some years ago. Too much Sustain (Vladimir, Sylas, Soroka, Mundo, sustain from Runes, etc). Do not do the latter (buff Grievous Wounds), but give a weaker version of Morello that we can build in the way, that costs 1000g, so we can have Grievous Wounds easier... **Im SICK of asking people to get Executioner Call when Im using a Mage (Because Morello is WAY too expensive to buy early), and they wont... :(( And enemy Soraka is Healing everyone, enemy ADC has Lifesteal FFW and Lineage, and enemy Top has Conqueror, and they wonder why we lose Teamfights.** Please like this (Upvote), so they see it. And Hi from Spain, come visit xD Edit: Btw dont say "Pick Ignite", ofc I do (Im Support {{champion:26}} ). ... It only works for 1 person during 5 seconds, and with a Cd of 4 Minutes...
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