Jayce and other underwhelming champions

Hello Summoners from over the world, it's the feeder also known as SmexyMachamp here. Everyone has a favorite champion, mine are Poppy{{champion:78}} (pre and post rework), Jayce {{champion:126}} and Cassiopeia{{champion:69}} . But some feel underwhelming, quite alot. And no, not Poppy, she is so strong, that Fedora's tend to leave the draft if they see me :3 (joking, but still). As of first Jayce. This guy, o my god, he's is so strong, but yet, only if he isn't behind, actually you need to be alot ahead of your enemy AND you need to know what match-ups are smart and which are not (but that's for most champions). I can dish out a lot of damage in a 6 spell burst, but at the moment I don't have certain items, I can't even touch the squishiest ADC. The point here is: How can you buff him and make him not broken in competitive and still a viable pick in general, with such a diverse and facerolly kit? I feel like I need to be in a certain position to fight people, like if I fight Riven {{champion:92}} I need to have put her out of the game early, since she has so many mini dashes, that I need all the skill I have to not die, and when I play {{champion:78}} , {{champion:69}} or even {{champion:41}} she isn't that much of a deal. His damage is miniscule when behind. but becomes monstrous in mid game with 2-3 items, where he falls off a bit in the late game since he will need Lord Dominiks or Mortal Reminder. Overall he's really fun to play mid, where as he is a bully top and absolute garbage at bottom. Maybe a change in mana costs early/damage will help him, while not being totally broken in competitive play. Since I don't know what will happen to {{champion:69}} and the other mages, I won't really say what needs change in her kit, since it's just a hard champion to balance. Buff her and she wrecks competitive, nerf her and she becomes the new Yorick {{champion:83}} . What you change to a kit so specific? What will they change about her? At the moment I guess that if her early becomes too strong, there will be no counters, but a nerf will kill her off. It's all about the community and mostly the people from higher elo who know what is broken and what not, but Riot, hear the cry of the fans of the underused champs and look for miniscule buffs that help them enough to be viable, but not become the Kog'Maw {{champion:96}} of 6.3 With love, The feed king SmexyMachamp EDIT: I was not talking only about Jayce :p May be not noticed, but I want to know what other "forgotten" champions people like to play and maybe Riot will take a look into it, like they are now doing with Urgot, which will get a quite strong buff EDIT2: Even Doppler/Runa confirmed that Jayce is garbage, while he is the highest Jayce only ranked player. He even stated that Jayce hold him from reaching Challenger
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